Bug in Localized Vacuum Cleaner

Hi, I’ve encontered a bug in Localized Vacuum Cleaner regarding simulator.


Hi al_cab_mo, thanks for the report. Did you encounter this issue while working with local or remote backend?

I think it appeared with remote robotics backend.

I also experienced a similar bug when launching the FollowLine exercise with remote robotics backend, the launched world was that of BasicVacuumCleaner exercise…

This problem may come from a zombie Gazebo execution not properly terminated at the computing farm from the previous user. It should work fine with the brand new RADI 3.4.16, which includes better exiting procedure for Gazebo worlds. This new RADI is being installed now at the computing farm.

Could you please try again @al_cab_mo ?

Hi, I know this post is a bit old, but I just got the same issue with the remote backend (version 3.4.21), so maybe the bug was not completely fixed…

I started the “Follow Line” exercise, but got the world from “Rescue People”. Changing the world from “Simple” to “Montmelo” or any other world does not change the gazebo world (it gets stuck with the boat).

Using remote or local robotics backend?

Remote backend (URJC1), version 3.4.21.

We have introduced several improvements and this problem should not appear anymore in the new release Unibotics (3.9.2) using RADIs >= 3.4.24 o >= 4.4.19.