Cant do more then one execution and reset button issue

Im working on the autolocated vacum cleaner exercise. first of all the reset button doesnt work, if u press it your google page freezes and u cant even recharge the page, the tab ur working on must be closed and open a new one to continue ur work. another issue that happes is that if the robot moves of the initial spot and I hit the load on robot button to apply some code changes a window apears saying the the program is being load up, but it keeps loading for ever. so I have to reload the page each time I want to try a change on the code. Ill leave below an image of the window that appears.

Hi @camilo_0715 ,

thanks for the report: yes, the reset button sometimes works sometimes does not. We are aware of this bug.

Regarding execution after code changes, reload button should work. As a workaround, just enter in the exercise web page for every new execution…