Console VNC is not working!

I have been trying for a long to connect to console and is broken. I try a lot of things and does not work.
Last days was working fine… I’m using remote backend.

Hi @vidalperez ,

I’m using right now the console with the remote backend and it works smoothly, like a charm.

First, enable (again) “allow insecure content” in your browser (this setting sometimes gets misconfigured). Follow these instructions.

Second, try to use always your local-backend. Remote-backend is intended as a fall back.

Third, maybe there is a local problem with the remote computer that Unibotics has allocated for your simulation. Switch to local-backend, log out from unibotics, log in again and switch back to remote-backend again. This resets your default remote computer.


Is still not working. Same VNC error. I have tried to logout and change machine and does not work. Also in 80% of the times connect failed and i have to restart the page. The other 20% VNC is working. 30 minutes ago the page worked fine… i don´t stand why. I want to test my code…

Captura desde 2022-11-02 09-13-59