Doubt regarding Robotics Academy Exercise

Sir as you said to work on the next exercise i.e Obstacle Avoidance(Local Navigation using VFF). I went through it these days but couldn’t get any clues of How to start with and How to work on it. Sir if you can provide me with the resources and can help me with the idea of How to start with it, Then it will be really Grateful Sir. Hoping for a positive response Sir.

In this exercise the robot car has to follow target waypoints to complete a lap while avoiding obstacles.

The VFF algorithm employs vector addition and subtraction to determine the velocity of the robot. By considering a repulsion vector from an obstacle, and an attraction vector towards the nearest target waypoint, we may sum these vectors to obtain the final velocity of the robot.

The API includes functions for setting the direction vectors on debug GUI, and functions to get the coordinates of the next target waypoint and collect them.

There are even reference links towards the end of the exercise page, through which you can gain more insights.

Sure SIr. Will try to implement it.