Error trying to show gazebo sim in local backend

I’m trying to show the gazebo simulator but I’m getting this error:

gz: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Hi @gbernal,

We need more information in order to solve the issue. What exercise are you trying to load? What is the RADI version that you are using? You try to show gazebo the moment yo enter the exercise? The error shows after doing something? Are you running the RADI with GPU acceleration?

I can see a Stop Simulation message, so I can not know if this happens when you launch an exercise or after some time.

Best regards,

I’m trying to load the localized vacuum cleaner exercise. I’m using 3…2.10 version of RADI. And I just saw that the error appears when I press the Launch button and then the simulation stops. I’m not using the RADI with GPU acceleration.