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Error with obstacle practice

i have been trying to adjust some parameters to finish and hand over my obstacle practice and it has been imposible, i havent been able to work in all day because when i run the docker and launch unibotics nothing happens, the camera images that i use to debug just wont show and the debbuging vectors wont apear either, but this is not caused by an error because the shell shows all the debbuging information that i print. and after some time the launch button turns read and braks down the hole launch. i add a video of the error on the following link(you can see at the very end how the launch button breaks )

Hi. The problem is probably generated due to the CPU not being able to execute the simulation correctly. Sim RTF values lower than 0.5 - 0.4 indicates that. If other exercises run correctly with higher values, it may be that the CPU was busy in that moment. Try stopping other processes and checking that the setting battery saver is not active (as it may hinder CPU performance).
Also, try with remote backend if available.