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Follow line exercise implementation

My follow line exercise solution with trial and error method. Here is Youtube video.


Cool solution @NayOoLwin!!! Typically a PID based controller is a good approach, as stated in the follow-line exercise webpage. Did you try it?

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Yes, I tried one of the tuning methods as stated on the webpage to adjust kp,kd and ki constants step by step.Then multiply them with respective terms.


Hello Everyone,
I have implemented follow line exercise using PID control, here is a link to my result video.
please review this.

Well done @vikram_bais !! very smooth driving.

If you feel so inclined, try now this same exercise but with RoboticsAcademy 2.3, that release is based on web templates and a Docker Image for backend (


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Thanks @jmplaza, sure I will try on web template