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Follow line implementation

Hi jdrobot community:

I share here my implementation of follow line:

Some interesting characteristics of my implementation:

  • PID control algorithm
  • Speed controller using a control surface (Gaussian function)
  • Division of the circuit by sectors to adjust the performance of the controllers for each part of the circuit.

YouTube link:


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Well done @pabs_sc!

The division in sectors is not allowed in this exercise, as it involves the use of an additional “self-localization sensor” (XY…). The only sensor should be the onboard camera. This way, the pilot you program may also work in different circuits, even without knowing them in advance.


Hi all,
I have implemented PD control on the follow_line exercise. Have a look at it from this link:

Suggestions and improvements will be highly appreciated.

Well done @vikaskumareinstein! Some times your car oscillates a little bit (as in the large turn [around 1:23s] and the final straight ), but that is acceptable.

Feel free to share your results in twitter mentioning @JdeRobot and #RoboticsAcademy.

Cheers with your next RoboticsAcademy exercise! :slight_smile:

Thanks @jmplaza . It’s really nice to get appreciation. Now I am working on the next exercise. I will surely share the it on twitter.

Regarding the oscillation, I have tried (trial and error) using different coefficient for Kp and Kd , but this somewhat stable so far… I will tweak more for the coefficients.