Gazebo doesn't connect


I’m trying to connect gazebo simulator with the docker image, but It doesn’t connect.
I am working on Manjaro Linux KDE 5.21.4, and I also tested on Ubuntu linux 20.04.LTS.
If I attach to the docker container I can see these errors:

The docker is connected to the web page, and also the console. Moreover, If I plot some points in the 3D world, the points are ploted well, but the debug images frame and the gazebo system does not connect to the web page. I can only see a black screen.

Thank you


The gazebo world can take a while to load completely and that’s why it appears black to you.

Can you check that after that wait it is displayed correctly?



No, that’s not the problem. If I wait for a long time I see the debug frame in black, the gazebo world and terminal in the following situation:

Thank you in advance

After that I can just see this in the docker terminal:

You are getting this error with the latest version of the docker RADI image?. Try updating it and also clearing the browser cache.

Gazebo world was able to connect after loading for 1-2 hours… But I just downloaded the new RADI and It’s doesn’t connect again. How long do I have to wait for gazebo to load?

Of course the images that I get with HAL.getImage(‘left’) are completely black, so I can not try anything of my code…


It shouldn’t take that long…

Could you give me some information about how much ram, cpu… does your computer have? To try to see why this is happening.


My computer is:

  • SO = Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
  • CPU = Intel 3770
  • GPU = NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB
  • RAM = 16GB
    I’m trying to connect using Mozilla Firefox instead of Chrome and I’m getting the same error. I see all in black. The terminal doesn’t print any error, so I do not know what is happening

Following with this topic I upload some images with the docker log. With this images you may find the error with this exercise.