Gazebo simulation fails to start

When I initiate RADI with hardware acceleration using the integrated Intel card, the Gazebo simulation fails to start.

I have already attempted configuring the browser settings for insecure content, but the issue remains unresolved.

I am utilizing RADI 3.4.6 on a Linux machine running Ubuntu. (RTF 0.7)

Hi @canveo , yes the same is happening to me. It is a problem with the vnc viewers (both console and gzview) and the newest RADI. The Gazebo simulator starts properly headless, you actually may run your code, but both viewers are failing. We are looking at it.

One way to overcome the problem is to launch the docker image without GPU configuration. It worked today for me from Firefox browser.

We are looking at it.

Hi @canveo ,

could you please try (a) with RADI 3.4.6 and Firefox browser [selecting Local ROS1 at your user preferences) and (b) with RADI 4.4.5 (selecting Local ROS2 at your user preferences) and Firefox browser? In both cases launching the RADI with GPU parameters.

What are the RTFs? Do the vnc viewers appear there?