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Gazebo startup problems

Good Morning:

After installing the Robotics-Academy training environment on my computer, I am having trouble starting Gazebo with the world f1_simple_circuit. Specifically, it gives me error when executing the following command: roslaunch ./launch/simple_line_follower_ros.launch
I enclose a catch with the error.

Thank you very much and greetings,

Hi Garazi,

please provide more information. Are you running Academy on a native Linux, on a VirtualMachine? What graphics card do you have on your computer?


I am using a virtual machine with Ubuntu Linux 18.04 and my graphics card is: NVIDIA GeForce MX110 2 GB GDDR5.

uuuups VirtualMachine… That could be a problem if not properly configured. On native Linux you would have no problem.

One possibility is to install Linux on a drive partition. Another one is to check that the accelerated graphics capabilities from your graphics card are available on your virtual machine. That depends of your particular virtual machine (VirtualBox, Parallels…)

Okay, I’ll partition and put native linux.
Thank you very much for your quick reply.

See you soon!

I’m facing a problem regarding startup of gazebo even though roslaunch is working perfectly fine. I was trying follow-line exercise using Web-templates but when I click start option for running the exercise no simulation is visible.However measured frequency value keeps changing as if something is happening in backend. All the commands are working fine on terminal.I’m running it on docker. I’m using the commands that were there on the exercise website 3-4 days ago (I think they have changed the instruction now).Gazebo launches perfectly when i run it outside docker environment.
I’m attaching the screenshot of my terminal

Hi @DivanshuG05,

we recently updated the docker image (0.2.3), and the template for that exercise. Could you please try again now? In addition, there should not appear any Gazebo GUI, only the robot onboard camera just on your browser. Try adding some code on the editor: from HAL import HAL and
from GUI import GUI … and your own instructions to the robot actuators.

In addition, the debugging level should be set to greater than or equal to 1, which is present as a slider in the index.html