HAL.set_cmd_pos() doesnt work well

Im trying HAL.set_cmd_pos() in the Rescue People and it act very strangely, it doesnt move in straight line and doesnt seem to end in the exact point I put in the arguments

Hi @al_cab_mo ,

PX4 autopilot + mavROS + ROS1 Noetic is sometimes unstable when running on Gazebo, and it often shows unexpected behavior. Just try several times. Running it in a powerful computer or alone with no other concurrent applications helps.

In addition, you could try with newest release of PX4 autopilot + ROS2 Humble + Aerostack2, which is available at RADI 4.4.19. and later releases.

Hi, we have also seen strange drone behaviors (https://github.com/JdeRobot/RoboticsAcademy/issues/2310) and we are looking into it. It seems an issue from PX4 and we are working on ways to solve it.