I do not keep the code

hello I have a problem, I do not keep the code in the drones practice book

Hello Adrianajenjo.

I checked your account and there was a file that generated collision.

Can you try and see if it’s fixed?


I’m still having the same problem

I’ve eliminated the conflicting file again. It should be definitive, can you confirm?


no , i can´t save the code yet

I have the same problem, the code is not saved

María Belén.

Hello, Belén.

To fix the error I need you to exit the simulation so that there are no conflicts between the files.

We will introduce changes this morning that we hope will solve these saving errors.

Access may be limited during the morning. The goal is to make these improvements.


Hi again.

The application is now updated. Can you confirm that the exercise is saved @Adrianajenjo @marbel?

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi, I still have the same problem, the changes are still not saved when leaving the simulation.
The last one I did about 21:15.