Images Error on academy.jderobot web

Hi! I’ve been testing the web and i found an error, i think. There are image repeated, the TeleTaxi and Vacuum cleaner practices.

Hi! I’ve also been testing the web and I found some errors.
In the “Bump & Go” exercise, the last two videos don’t work. The videos of the exercises “Escaping from a Labyrinth” and “People rescue after an earthquake” do not work either.

they are four differents practices:

  1. Global Navigation
  2. Global Navigation teletaxi with OMPL
  3. Vacuum Cleaner
  4. Vacuum Cleaner SLAM

Four? I’ve set the “Program-A-Robot flag” when registering and only three exercises are shown when entering the server…

Maybe we should just turn off all the exercises except the two challenges of the Program-A-Robot competitiion…

I’ve also set that flag and also found the three same exercises shown in the image.