Launch problem gone to worse

i have been all afternoon triying to work on the obstacle practice and it has been completely imposible, the launch problem that i mentioned yesterday, has gone to worse now on every two executions the lauch breaks down so i restart the docker but that now doesnt even wprk beacause some times i cant restart the docker beacuse i get a linux deamon error as you can see in the picture

and in that case i have to retart my hole machine

Hi @camilo_0715, that message shows that IP port 8745 is still in use. Before launching the RADI again:

1.- Just remove the previous container using “docker ps -a” (to check the running docker name or id) and “docker rm <id_or_name>” (to remove it). This will deallocate all the used IP ports in the container.
2.- close the webpage for that exercise, for instance navigating to the home page of Unibotics itself. This will deallocate all the used IP ports from the browser.