Load in Robot button doesnt work

Load in robot get stuck. Happen son much. More than half of the times that button is pressed it stays like this by the end of time. It is a very constant error. The only option is to restart everything again. It is cumbersome. I use the latest version locally in firefox Ubuntu. Sometimes it happens at the same time or sometimes it happens like this afternoon that happens after having pressed it 1 time which makes it unusable. The reset cannot get it out of that state if you want. The code continues to run according to the terminal prints. It is a very recurrent error that I have suffered since I started with this practice. In the others it did not happen.

Hi Vidal,
the Load in Robot activates again when the code is fully loaded on the robot. One cause of it not activating again could be that the code sent has an infinite (or very lengthy) loop besides the default while True loop. Could this be the case?
If this is not your case, please send me your code (here or on a private message) so I can further investigate.

No. Now I have changed something so that it always reaches the while True again. And so the unibotics can upload the code. The same error occurs with the same frequency but manifested in a different way. Now it does the load in robot but it returns the same error as when nothing is selected on the map. I try to mark the point on the map and the map canvas does nothing. It does not change the point of place or do anything. Everything is still connected and launched. It is the same problem I must restart everything every time I try something …

Ok. I will try to use smaller loops.