No module Open CV in remote backend

I am using remote backend. I am trying to use open cv. I think is import cv2. But not work.
Exercise is located vacuum cleaner. I can´t use local backend to test if in local works.

Hi @vidalperez,

please try now. The last automatic RADI update of the farm did not update all the machines and some of them remained in RADI-3.2.9 (the one with the OpenCV problem). I’ve just manually updated all of them to RADI-3.2.10, which already solves that issue. Does it work for you now?

Anyway OpenCV is not a requirement for that exercise as the robot does not have any camera. I guess you are using it to efficiently work with “maps” as images.


No. Not in all Pcs. Sometime yes, sometime no. Probably half of the farm is un-updated. Also, unibotics server is crashing every minute and the web page is off. Inestable server…
I use OpenCv to treat the map Image to convert to an apropiate matrix. Erosion filter etc.

Try in a few minutes again. We are updating all the computer farm now, as shown in this recent message, a few minutes ago.

In addition use also the local backend, with RADI-3.2.10. It works smoothly.