Not Displaying map

Using Get Map with the url set in the academic section and using showNumpy to try to display it, does not work.
Now, if you try to print the image obtained , you just get float numbers whereas before were just int numbers.

Hi juloau,
the GUI.getMap() function now returns the data using matplotlib. The code behind it is like this:

return plt.imread(url)

This returns a 3 dimensional array with the RGBA data of the image, float point with value ranging from 0.0 to 1.0, so a conversion to the range 0-127 is needed to represent it on the GUI.showNumpy() function. The image is still accessible at the url (‘/RoboticsAcademy/exercises/static/exercises/vacuum_cleaner_loc_newmanager/resources/mapgrannyannie.png’) in case you prefer to use another method to read from it.