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Practice wont save my code

I have a practice that isnt saving my code, i crlt+v all the code, i save, i restart and it goes back to

from GUI import GUI
from HAL import HAL

Enter sequential code!

while True:
# Enter iterative code!

just doesnt work

Hi @al_cab_mo,

always use an external backup for your source code.

Regarding the saving problem, does it happen to you in all exercises? or just in several of them?
Does it happen always or sometimes Unibotics properly saves your code?

Are you using RemoteBackend or LocalBackend?
Which browser do you use for Unibotics? Which OS?

All that information will help us to find the bug and fix it. Thanks

Code saving has been refactored in new release Unibotics 3.5.1 . It guess this bug has been solved now.