Problem when trying to open the follow-line

Whenever i try to open the follow-line exercise, i get an error screen, and idk what to do about it, any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

uhm… weird. Does it happen to you always? Have you launched the RADI locally? Which release of RADI are you using?

Have you selected your “Robotics Backend”? You have to select the Robotics Backend you want to use. Just go to your profile in Unibotics (top right icon) and select there the one you prefer, typically “Local ROS1”.

Watch out, before running any exercise you also have to start that Robotics Backend at your machine, as indicated in the instructions at the landing page:

Ok, that was it, i didn’t have a Robotics Backend selected.
Has there been an update of the page recently? Because i could do it no problem before (i believe it was selected by default), but this happened suddenly.
Anyways, thank you.

Yes, we are updating automatically the “selected Robotics Backend” for users who have not selected one yet. You can always change at will the selected one on your user preferences.