Problem with new Unibotics version?

Good morning. I was working on the reconstruction practice, and the page suddenly stopped working; an image of the error is attached. I suspect it is due to the new version but I am not sure. Is there a way to fix it? Should I just wait?

Thank you in advanced for your help,


Hi Blanca. We are having some problems with the remote backend. Try using the local backend for the moment.

Hi Blanca

I can confirm it works when you use local backend (click on your name in the orange bar-> local backend)

Hi! Thanks both for your prompt answer. I was not able to make Unibotics work on my computer (MacBook Pro 2021) with the previous version (I used to get an error message that the simulator was not working). I have tried now with this version, and I do not get the previous error but it just does not seem to connect… Should I just try to wait a little until the remote backend is fixed? Or should I try again to load the local backend in my computer? The practices are for the 30th of this month. Thanks a million in advanced for your help.

Hi @blancadelgado , the new release of Unibotics (3.7) has been deployed. Please try now with remote backend

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Hi @jmplaza, I’ve tried and it is working! Thanks a million!