Problem with the API

Hello I have a problem , because when I want to use the Api it gives me an error , the error is that when I enter the function I get this error, I also can not use laser_data.values ​​because it tells me it is a tuple can you help me please

for i in range(laser_data.numLaser):
dist = laser_data.distanceData[i]/1000.0
angle = math.radians(i)
laser += [(dist, angle)]

Hi, yeah, the theory section is outdated so the info there is not working. Please use the API provided in the code section (table at top of the page) meanwhile we update the theory.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, following the guidelines given in practice still doesn’t work for me.

Hi, I still have the same problem with the exercise can help me ?

Can you provide more information about your problem @DanielSan? And @Adrianajenjo, it seems that you are treating the laser values as an integer, but it’s a tuple of 180 values, so maybe what you are looking for is the lenght of that tuple. Can you put here the fragment of code that is giving you problems?

I already solved the error, it was because I was calling a function that was not necessary.