Problem with the lidar in the autoparking exercise

Good morning, while working on the automatic parking exercise in ROS2, I noticed that when I instructed the car to turn using the “HAL.setW(-0.1)” function, only the car’s wheels turned, but the lidar rays also moved with them. I believe that in the URDF, it’s configured for the lidar to turn with the wheels instead of the car chassis, and this might be causing the error. I’ve attached a video showing the error. Greetings and thank you.


Hello, thanks for the report. While we work on a fix, please use either the ROS1 version of the exercise (with RADI 3.4.27) or the Ackermann worlds in ROS2 (with RADI 4.4.22). The world “Ackermann Drive & Gas Station World In Line” is similar to the world “Simple World - In Line” shared on the video.

A new RADI 4.4.23 is now published with this issue solved.

okay, perfect. Thank you