Problem with the local version

The execution fouds correctly, but when I click the button for executing my code it doesn’t found. How can I fix this issue?
The cat lauch button founds okay by the way.

Hi @dhervas,

Are you executing the exercise from the drone_cat_mouse directory? Is it at the same directory? Also check that your drone_cat_mouse.launch starts as follows:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <arg name="solution_file_name" default="$(eval env('PWD') + '/')"/>


EDIT: Have you modified any of the files of the exercise?

The file is at the same directory and the drone_cat_mouse.launch starts as you said. I haven’t modified any file from the exercise.


I have fixed this problem by untabbing the if clause that is on the bottom of the file, it is tabbed into the execute method. The code should be like this:

Good to know that. I have checked that the if clause at current version-master isn’t tabbed, so I won’t update the repo.

Congrats anyway for finding the bug.

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