Problems with access

Hello everyone!

I’m having troubles with access to anything :astonished:
The simulation itself, the code, the GUI, and the Referee are showing me gray screen with “The connection was reset.” problems. What can I do with it?

I’m actually using my uni internet, so is there any possibility that they are restricting the connection to your servers?

Hello and welcome!.

To rule out connection problems, can you try another network or use the phone as an access point?

Tell us about the results.

Thank you.

Hi, I have tried other networks and everything works fine. Thank you very much!

I am just wondering why connection to ‘wss://’ fails. Are there any other ways to connect to your servers?

Hi @kurshakuz,

no, the right way to access UniBotics is only through the URL (soon it will be migrated to For some exercises and part of their functionality Unibotics uses internally websockets connections with backend servers. There should not be any public access to them.