Problems with image capture


when trying to capture the images of the frontal or ventral camera I have the following error:

File “”, line 5, in execute
input_image_frontal = self.drone.getImageFrontal ()
AttributeError: Drone instance has not attribute ‘getImageFrontal’

Hi Luis.

Yeah, it is a mistake in theory. It is already fixed. Instead of using self.drone.getImageFrontal() uses better self.getImage() to get the image and self.drone.toggleCam() to switch between cameras.

Tell us about the results.


Thaks Nacho, the image capture is already working correctly for me.

Now I have the problem that the HSV values ​​do not filter that red color of the drone.

i have the same problem

What color space are you filtering the image? This exercise does not have the same lighting conditions as the follow line so the red color filtering is more complex. Have you tried filtering into another color space?

Tell us about the results.


Hi, I have problems when I start the camera. I get this error,
Sometimes it works correctly, but most of the time does not, and I can not do anything.

ServiceException: service [/ refereeStart] responded with an error: error processing request: ‘SimpleSSLWebSocketServer’ object has no attribute ‘send_message_to_all’


Can you attach a screenshot with Jupyter’s cell and the error it returns to you?


Hi, This is the error:

Hi marbel.

Python’s errors are shown below the whole. Can you send another capture of that area please?