Problems with Robotic Academy


The entire installation of Robotics-Academy has gone well for me until I have entered the command “catkin build”, the error is attached at the bottom.

Additionally, ignoring the previous error I have finished the installation, and when I run the command “roslaunch ./launch/simple_line_follower_ros.launch” I get another error (Error1.png). However, the F1 circuit model loads it, but the command stays running.
Also, I have inserted my part of the code in the file “” and when executing the car does not move, I suppose it will be because of the previous error (Error2.png).

Previously, I had problems installing the environment in a virtual machine, this time I have made a Dual Boot of Linux Ubuntu 18.04 together with Windows.

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The problem with catkin_build will not interfere with the Follow Line Exercise. These installations mentioned here are under specific infrastructure, and you may need them in only some specific exercise. Generic Infrstructure will work for most of the exercises.

About the REST error, it shouldn’t be a problem while running the exercise. Are the models( circuit track with F1 Car) loaded in Gazebo when you run the roslaunch file?

If it does,
Try the most basic command in Under algorithm function uncomment the previously present example


And then in another terminal window, use the command

python follow_line_conf.yml

Let me know if this still doesn’t work.


Yes, I have already tried to put a simple command in “” and it works for me on the Gazebo platform, in my code I will have some error that I have not noticed.

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