Real Lap Time - Follow the line

I’m currently trying to improve my algorith for the Follow The Line exercise, but I find it difficult to know if one of the things that I’m trying improves the time or not, since the Sim RTF varies a lot (values from 0.2 to 0.8, which are very different).

Is there another way to measure this?

Thank you in advance.

Yes, SimRTF heavily depends on the computing load of your machine. It is good to run Unibotics alone on your computer without any other demanding application at the same time.

The lap time is a good metric, but it is not a very precise one. So see the trend more than the exact values. You can also check the “Simulation time” in the View Sim widget.

Regarding the assessment of this exercise, additional interesting metrics are also to see whether or not your Formula1 car oscillates, and it keeps over the red line.

Typically SimRTFs under 0.4 are not convenient, and then you would use the Remote Backend instead of your Local Backend to run Unibotics.



And how can we use the remote backend if our machine doesn’t perform well?



That option is currently only available to Universidad Rey Juan Carlos students upon request, as the Remote Backend runs in one machine of the computer “cloud” of that university. I’ve just activated it for your user. In order to use it just select it from your profile, top right corner of the Unibotics webpage once you have logged in.


Ok tested and it works fine…


Hi, could I have access too? My machine is too slow while I’m recording…
Thank you!

Sure, done.

Alternatively you may also record the video from an external device, e.g. your mobile phone. This way it will not consume any computing power :slight_smile: No super-high resolution video is required in your blog.