Red drone doesn't moves

I got a problem with the red drone, I hit the launch button and after it’s on air, doesn’t start moving. I also get this error that maybe can help:

Hi again @dhervas,

It looks like you might have an error on your solution code. So, I’ll recommend you to keep working on it.


This error pops when I execute my code but I’m not using that method. I tested my code by moving the red drone manually and it works perfectly as it did on the offline version (even this error keeps popping). So I want to ask if there is an specific method to make the red drone start moving as in the offline version (that was
The error comes from somewhere named pixmap that is part of the GUI.
Here it is a proof of my code execution: Drone Cat Mouse v1 - @dhrodao

You are right @dhervas, by now the exercise does not have a mouse with autonomous movement. We are working to integrate this feature in the new version. It will be available soon.

Thanks for noticing it.

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