Some suggestions

Hi everyone!

I’ve been testing the Academy web with the Program-A-Robot-Competition flag set, and both relevant exercises (‘Cat and Mouse’ and ‘Escape from the Hangar’) worked for me, so no errors found.

I only wanted to make some suggestions based on my experience:

  1. When registering, I think it is needed to add something like ‘You may have received a verification e-mail. Please confirm your…’

    Just to clear all doubts.

  2. Then, in the ‘Local Simulation Guide’, a space is missing in step 3 before ‘Local Simulation’. Also, when the cursor is placed above the link attached to ‘documentation of their website’, its color turn to white, so it becomes invisible.

    Maybe Local simulation will not be used in the competition so it is not important at all.

Hi Carlos,

We are pleased to read that the exercises worked without any problems.

As for the minor mistakes you mentioned, we’re going to fix them to make them look great. Thanks for the testing :blush: