Target set doesnt work

Selecting the target does not work. You select it but the unibotics doesn’t save it anywhere and the NoneType error is skipped. You cannot redial it. No matter how much you press, nothing changes. I use firefox ubuntu and local unibotics. I can’t schedule any of the practice because the unibotics won’t go.

Hi @vidalperez ,

it works fine for me. Have you tried also with a different browser, Chrome for instance? What source code are you using for this? Try this one to test that functionality:

from GUI import GUI
from HAL import HAL

while True:
    goal = GUI.getTargetPose()
    print("TARGET:", goal)

Please note that if you use GUI.getTargetPose method before the while True and before you have already clicked on the GUI for visually setting a target, then that method is going to return None. It is not an error, it is just natural, as no target has been set yet.

Ok. This issue is solve thanks.