The exercises are not loading

Whenever I am trying to open any exercises it keep showing me error and asking me to reload. Is it because of maintenance?

Hi @rahulm,

have you started the docker container at your local machine following ?
You need to download first the docker latest image from Dockerhub and then start it on your computer before selecting an exercise of Unibotics/academy. All the robot simulations and your applications will be run there.

Have you selected your RoboticsBackend in your configuration (top right widget with your user name)?

@jmplaza I followed the instruction on running the RADI(
I have added a screenshot of the problem. It keeps on loading.

It seems you are using RoboticsAcademy, the offline release. Not all the exercises there are up-to-date, neither their instructions. For instance, the one you are trying, ColorFilter exercise, is currently broken, sorry.

Better use Unibotics directly. Unibotics is the online RoboticsAcademy. It provides only well supported exercises of RoboticsAcademy. Try with other exercises available there. For instance the FollowLine one is a good one to get familiar with the platform.


Ok I’ll check that out. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

@jmplaza Sorry for a silly question but I am confused by what does it mean to setup the robotic backend. I have an option of robotic backend on the top right but it is disabled right now.

You have to select there the Robotics Backend you want to use. Typically “Local ROS1”.

Before that, just download the latest docker image RADI, available at DockerHub, and start it on your computer following these instructions. Fortunately the download has to be done once (and maybe some updates eventually) later. Starting the RADI should be done every time you want to use Unibotics.

No problem :slight_smile:

@jmplaza I am not understanding what do you mean by seting up robotics backend. I am pretty new to Jderobot (mostly worked on my local machine’s ROS) so sorry if it again is a silly question. Also I don’t know how but the offline release works somehow :sweat_smile: . I would still like to figure out how to run online.

Hi @rahulm,

you don’t have to set up anything, just follow the steps at the landing page of Unibotics.

Step 1:
1.1 Choose one Robotics Backend in your user profile
1.2 Download the Robotics Backend docker image from DockerHub (follow the link for details)

Step 2: Start your Robotics Backend locally following these instructions (follow the link for details)

Step 3: Dive into your desired webapp (Academy, Games, WebIDE) and select a unit


@jmplaza my problem is that Robotics Backend option is disabled for me.

uhm… that is weird @rahulm . Could you please check now? Update your RADI before that. Yesterday we just launched the new release of Unibotics (3.9.0) and created new RADI images (latest=3.4.23 for ROS1 Noetic, and 4.4.19 for ROS2 Humble).

Thanks alot @jmplaza . As it turns out I was using ROS2 image. I had to download the ROS1 now it works fines.
Thanks again :slight_smile: