While True not working

Hi today i’ve foun a blocking error in the platform which i dont know how to fix.
In the Global Navigation exercise im trying to write code insede the while True section and the program is not entering, i have included several prints all along the code and it stops just bfore entering the loop. With this problem a cannot aproach the path navigation . Does anybody has this problem or knows how can i fix it ? . Thankyou

Hi @blancaso ,

it works like a charm for me. Watch out when copy-pasting source code from external text editors, sometimes they use “invisible characters” that my break the execution. For testing, try first with a very simple source code, both in the sequential part and in the iterative part, and watch out the Python indentation too.


Hello again , i dont know why this is happening , i had removed all code i had for the moment and only have the imports of hal and gui and the while True and a simple print inside it. It is not printing anything while its supposedly running and when i reset or load to the robot again it prints it a couple of times . I dont know what can i do i am trying to change to the remote backend in order to find out some difference but i dont know if its going to work either.

okey i found what the problem is now. It was not that the loop is not working , but that the console and sequential code works without pressing play but not the while. Thankyou anyway :slight_smile: