windows or ubuntu

I am looking to contribute to JdeRobot for which i want to decide wether to continue using windows 10 or install ubuntu on dual boot. Web exercies are running fine on windows but to understand acdemy framework’s working statrt contributing i thought of installing ubuntu . So what do you guys use for developement purpose. Is WSL2 good to go with or should i insatll ubuntu.

Hi @mohit,

both Unibotics and RoboticsAcademy may be used in Linux and Windows machines, as they both use RoboticsAcademyDockerImage (RADI). RADI has everything already preinstalled: the simulator, all dependencies,etc.

You are kindly invited to contribute to RoboticsAcademy, feel free to switch to RoboticsAcademy forum. We discuss there more “developers” issues :slight_smile: In order to develop contributions I would recommend Linux, anyway, as RADI has Linux inside.